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A new drug to lower blood glucose and treat type 2 diabetes

Last Monday, May 2, the FDA approved a new medication for type 2 diabetes. It’s pretty safe to argue that this is a common co-morbidity among patients in rehabilitation. And as far as medications that are important in physical therapy … Continue reading

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These are 10 you should know

What medications are most commonly taken by patients in your practice? If you can’t name 5 of them, you might want to compile some data and figure out what’s in your top 10. Then, make sure clinicians in your practice … Continue reading

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Your patients might not know what you think they do about their medications

There’s an interesting and informative medical blog out there called Clinical Cases and Images: Casesblog that I follow in my RSS reader and it recently pointed me to a paper published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2006.[1] The … Continue reading

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…pssssssst… your patients are on drugs.

These are your patients: These are your patients on drugs: They look the same, don’t they? That’s because nearly all of your patients – young or old, athletes or critically ill – use some substance that changes their physiology. That … Continue reading

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