pharminpt is me, Kevin Neville, PT, MS, CCS. I’m an assistant professor of physical therapy in the Department of Physical Therapy Education in the College of Health Professions at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. I’ve been a physical therapist since 1991 and a ABPTS-certified cardiovascular and pulmonary clinical specialist since 2001. I teach, among other things, the pharmacology content of the professional and post-professional Doctor of Physical Therapy programs at Upstate Medical University.

Of course, we can’t forget the obligatory disclaimer: the discussion of any medication on this website, or any other page this blog may link to, does not constitute an endorsement for the use of that medication. The author does not hold any significant individual equity positions in any of the manufacturers of the medications discussed on this blog or any page to which the blog links.

This blog is meant to address the questions and concerns of physical and occupational therapists regarding their patients’ medications. If you have found this blog seeking medical advice, please, please have a frank discussion with your health care provider about the concerns you are attempting to address by reading this blog, as I am neither a pharmacist nor a medical doctor and therefore not at all qualified to provide the medical advice you are seeking.

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